WE FEEL YOU! We know you don’t give a rats ass about the name on your surf gear as long as the quality is good and you can save some money. We bring you unbranded surf products cheap as well as top branded products at a good price with FREE SHIPPING. And surfboard repairs, do it yourself. Thats what Broke Ass Surfers tries to bring you. Good quality surf supplies at a good price and help you fix that ding yourself. Surfboards are expensive, so save a little money and take a surf trip. Hell we will even show you a few places to make booking that surf trip easier.

We are a bunch of Broke Ass Surfers

SurfBoard Rx and Broke Ass Surfers Repairs are surfboard repair videos, home surfboard repairs and those who make a living as Broke Ass Surfers doing ding repair. Send me your video links , blogs and we publish them. Add you surfboard repair business to the local directory and add to your busy day of grinding away. Look around and see and learn a few new tricks from easy to tough ding repair jobs and the Ding repair materials professional and home ding repairers are using.

Backyard Surfboard Builders

Send in you photos of not only the surfboards you create ,but your workshop, whether its under the big oak tree in the back yard, your garage or a fancy shed you built.

There are a few constants when you get a big gaping hole in your surfboard or a busted fin box. You cram wax in it and say “fuk it”, You cram a little SunCure or Solarez in the hole and say “fuk it” or the 2 good choices.. you and your buddies look at a few videos and do a repair right (and you can still usr Suncure or Solarez) or the second..take it to your local surfboard repair person and wait for it to come back sweet and water tight.

We even sell a few rope hammocks to lounge around in.